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UNBECOMING is a short story following Evelyn Marks, a pilot for a giant robot who is forcibly removed and returned to civilian life. It is an exploration of trans identity, disability, and the overlapping ways our bodies both represent and fail us. 

It was completed for trans fucking rage jam, and is a story full of rage, body horror, isolation, and violence. 

There is a fully laid out PDF version of the story, and a plain text version. 

Community copies available for trans people. All profits benefit this disabled trans person living and sleeping a lot.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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mecha is a genre i'm so fascinated by but i rarely find art that truly gets at the parts of it that i want to see poked at and pulled apart - but UNBECOMING so exactly covers what i've always thought and felt and wondered and wanted to see. i am just so delighted to have found a story answering exactly the "what if"s at the back of my head every time i see a flimsy little human in a gigantic churning robot. 

the balance of writing a mecha story with virtually no mechas on the page is incredible and you really nailed it - the chassis is so absolutely inescapable even from the confines of a childhood bedroom. this is up there in my favourite mecha stories with dreadnought and psycho nymph exile. i just loved it a lot!

thank you so much!! This is such a thoughtful and kind review

This is amazing work 10/10!

thank you so much for reading!!